Pseudoceros lindae,Linda's Flatworm, Polyclad Flatworm

Chinese name:琳达伪角扁虫

Pseudoceros lindae can reach a length of 50–80 millimetres (2.0–3.1 in). The upper surface of the thick and elongated body shows a wine color (burgundy) background with turquoise margins and a variable number oval to round yellow-golden spots. This pattern may vary from one individual to another especially in the density of points. The ventral side is light purple. Each pseudotentacle is formed by a broad simple fold of the anterior margins of the body. Also pharynx is formed by highly elaborated folds. This species is a simultaneous hermaphrodite, so it can make cross fecundation. There is a single male reproductive organ, that penetrates in any part of the mate's body, and the females have a short vagina directed backwards.