Saron marmoratus,Common Marble Shrimp

Chinese name: 花斑扫帚虾

Saron marmoratus is a rather hunch-backed dumpy species of shrimp. Its rostrum is slightly longer than its carapace and is strongly recurved, it has 1 or 2 spines on its dorsal margin, followed by 3 or 4 spines on the carapace, and there are 8-10 long spines on the ventral margin of the carapace. The dorsal margin of the carapace and the abdomen have tufts of setae, which are denser in the females. The males have elongated chaelae which are longer than body and the females possess an obvious brush-like structure of setae on the first pair of legs. The legs feature brown or blue transverse bands. They are variable in colour and the ground colour can be red, blue or brown, mottled with brown or green, the legs are marked with blue or brown transverse bans.